In March of 2013, our community held a public meeting and elected a committee out of the the people, for the people. This Committee was  informerly known as The Gong-Gong Community Development Committee, but was formerly registered as The Griqua People’s Heritage NPC (GPH NPC) on 8 April 2016. The establishment of this NPC is in direct response to the political, social and economic neglect experienced by the Apartheid State and the successive current government since 1994 and the dawn of democracy.

Our Vision:
To design and implement programmes and services that improves access to opportunity and life changing services to our community – now and for future generations.

Our Mission:
The GPH NPC is to be a conduit for the Gong-Gong community to:
– Advocate social, economic and educational development
– Develop partnerships between the community and the broader civil society
– The GPH NPC is open and accessible to every community member and encourages involvement to foster awareness of the resident’s position in society.